About Yükselen Koleji

Yükselen Koleji is founded on 2002 under the vision of Dr. Mehmet and Gülsen Yüksel. They wanted their children to receive the best education they could provide. Unfortunately, while searching for a suitable school for their daughter Başak Yüksel, no institution could meet their expectations. For that reason, they decided to build Yükselen Koleji  based on their ideals, and in accordance with Zekai Özgür; educator with numerous awards in the field of education and whose standards has been instrumental for Yükselen’s reputation and academic success. 


Yükselen Koleji promotes science under the conviction that it is not an accumulation of knowledge but a way of thinking. For Yükselen Koleji science is not to believe but to know that everything has a methodology built with scientific thought, and that each methodology must be respected first, before attempting to question it, and if we question it is because we’ve thought seriously about its scientific thought. Yükselens know that something that is everything lacks limitations, and limitations are subjects of law, but law is limited by thought.


Yüko is Yükselens’ official mascot, but he is not ordinary mascot, Yüko thinks, and he cares for others. According to the creatives of Yükselen Koleji, Yüko is a scientist from another dimension who accidentally landed in Yükselen while travelling across time, but the continuation of that story is yet to come. This year, Yükselen Koleji will launch YÜKOMUN, and we, as Yükselens are happy to welcome you to our conference.