Star Wars

Agenda: The Rebellion

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, there was a rebellion. Flamed by oppression and human fascism by the Galactic Empire. Brave men and women of all races stand together against that regime and all of its torment. While millions were fighting the war for freedom, another kind of war was raging all of its glory. Jedi, knights of the lights and protectors of the republic were defeated by the evil emperor and his knight of the dark side, Lord Vader. Only a Skywalker can bring the light to the galaxy and only a Skywalker can lead the charge against the First Galactic Empire. In this committee delegates will try to bring peace and freedom to the world and defeat the dark Sith Order to the end.

“We must keep our faith in the Republic. The day we stop believing democracy can work, is the day we lose it.
-Queen Jamillia