Cartels and mafia are illegal structures that form the underground of the world. The most famous of these are Mexican cartels. No matter how much the states are trying to fight, some cartels and mafia still operate underground. Did you wonder how this situation today?

Mexican cartels have aimed to be stronger than the state in Mexico for years. These subscription networks, which started to increase well in the 1990s, were completely stronger than the state in 2006, but the state took a hand and said stop. However, cartels are still doing business even underground, and nowadays they have started to regain their strength. 

Our Joint Crisis Committee will have two cabinets which are: The Mexican Government and The Mexican Cartels. Participants are going to attend as Government officials or Cartel Members to the committee.

This committee is suitable for both intermediate and advanced delegates.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretary-General: Ozan Teo SARAC