The Alpha-PVP (also known as the zombie drug) is a highly dangerous drug that is prohibited in the large majority nations today. It is one of the drugs that mostly all world is scared from the idea of it to be spread. Since the Alpha-PVP has various extremely hazardous side effects alongside of paranoia, hallucinations, addiction; such as high level dementing, cannibalisation ( which means eating you own kind) and death.

The Committee starts at 21 october 2214, the first meeting of the Secret Council. The Alpha-PVP is spreaded to the world caused millions of deaths; destroyed cities, nations, systems, most of the technology and large majority of humanity. The people left are gathered in South Korea which was the less damaged place due to their rush politics before the death of their President and his dynasty. Secret Council is established to constitute the new world order, end the drug trafficking and save the people left in order to continue the mankind; consists of physicians, scientists and post politicians.


This committee is suitable for advanced delegates.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under-Secretary-General: Cem KIRAL