The United Nations Children's Fund or UNICEF for short (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund) was established in 1946 as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, and then in 1954 by the General Assembly of the United Nations to carry out promotional and advocacy activities for the protection of children's rights, It is tasked with helping to meet the basic needs of children and to create opportunities to realize their full potential. Although the words "international" and "urgent" were deleted, the abbreviation remained unchanged.

Human trafficking is most commonly trafficked for sexual slavery, forced labor (labor exploitation) or sexual abuse for traffickers or others.  This trade can also be carried out in a country / international area, for the removal of organs or tissues, or including surrogacy or egg extraction, for the purpose of providing spouses to persons under forced marriage. . Since human trafficking prevents the free movement of the victim through coercion, it is a crime against the person and the abuse of people is in question. It is not necessary to move a person from one place to another for the crime of human trafficking to occur.

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Agenda Item: Child Trafficking in the Third World Countries

Under-Secretary-General: Levent Şahin​